Fredag den 18 juli 2014

picture by Antoine

Personal:  Helena, Carlos, Antoine; Hannes, Bruno.

Weather:  Very beautiful sunrise this morning and big sun this afternoon; approximately 5 m/s southwesterly wind.

Projects; Ringing program CES


CES Ringing program : The ringing team is now alone at kvismaren. Today we caught.

-Great Tit

-Blue Tit

-Reed Bunting

-Black Cap

-Common Whitethroat

-Garden Warbler

-Sedge Warbler

-Willow Warbler

-European Robin

Torsdag den 17 juli 2014

Sunrise at Vallen. Photo by Bruno Sanchis.

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Helena, Hannes and Antoine. Teresa and Marianne has finished their season at kvismaren. Good luck with your projects and see you soon!


Weather: Cloudy early morning but this soon cleared into a bright sunny day.


Projects: Standardised CES Ringing (Vallen).


Ringing totals:


Sedge warbler 16 (2)

Reed warbler 10 (5)

Great reed warbler 2

Parus palustris 1

Willow warbler 4

Reed bunting 16 (2)

Onsdag den 16 juli 2014

Tree Sparrow. Photo by Carlos

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes, Antoine, Marianne, Teresa. Guest: Martin

Weather: Crazy, as usual. It was a cloudy and windy morning, but sunny afternoon.

Projects: Ringing, Great Reed Warbler.

It was a new ringing day in Banvallen. This time we were able to finish the session but the wind caused that ​​the catches were not many. 53 birds of 18 different species were caught and two new species for this season were ringed, blackbird and tree sparrow.

European Robin 1

Tisdag den 15 juli 2014

Personel: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes, Antoine, Marianne, Teresa. Guest: Martin

Weather: Calm. Mostly overcast sky with some rain, leading to early take-down of nets. 

Projects: Great Reed Warbler, Ringing.

The ringing team set out to Vallen early as usual. The lack of wind was promising, but dark clouds were looming on the horizon. The morning started of good, with a fair amount of birds in the nets, but then the rain arrived. Not wanting the nets to become wet again, they were taken down early. Ironically, the raining stopped shortly after...

Måndag den 14 juli 2014

Personel; Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes, Antoine, Marianne, Teresa. Guest: Martin

Weather; Rainny day

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Ringing


Very early morning, as usual, as every day since 1st July, our ringers get up to head towards Banvallen.. Unfortunately, after 3 retraps and 4 unringed birds, the rain started and they had to run back home. 


Lördag den 12 juli 2014

Penduline Tit. Photo by Carlos

Personal: Teresa, , Helena, Daniel, Carlos, Marianne, Antoine; and Hannes.  

Weather: We had very cold this morning and cloudy the afternoon.

Projects; Great Reed Warbler ; Ringing program CES ;


CES Ringing programme : Ringing session as usual in the reeds with the following birds caught:

-Thrush Nightingale

-Reed Warbler


-Willow Warbler

-Sedge Warbler

-Pied Flycatcher


-Common Whitethroat

Fredag den 11 juli 2014

Long-Eared Owl chick in Öby Kulle (photo: MSL)

Beautiful and sunny weather in Kvismaren, like a Spanish spring!

Personal: Teresa, Helena, Daniel, Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Marianne; Guest researcher: Maja

Weather: Sunny day with moderate breeze from east-northeast. Average temperature of 21degrees.

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; CES

Torsdag den 10 juli 2014

Hilmar with a fancy Greenfinch! Photo: Jan Lindström

Staff: Teresa, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Daniel, Marianne, Antoine and Maja Tarka. Guests: Jan and Hilmar Lindström.


Weather: Foggy  early morning, sunny and warm during the whole day with clouds leading to rain coming in the afternoon.


Great Reed Warbler project: Maja and Teresa have retraped  a female breeding in Egeby. This was ringed  at the first time  in Vallet (28/08/13) when she was aged as a 1st year. 


Tisdag den 8 juli 2014

The day before yesterday, sorry Magnus......

Staff: Teresa, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Daniel, Susan, Marianne, Antoine and Maja Tarka.


Weather: Sun, sun and more sun

Farmland project: Failed to catch the target ortolan bunting


Great Reed Warbler project: Another good day by teresa


CES: Another day and another CES session completed with the following totals from BVAL:

Great tit- 2

Wren- 1

Sedge warler- 8 (1)

Robin- 2

willow warbler- 10 (5)

Onsdag den 9 juli 2014

Bearded tit. Photo by Carlos

Staff: Teresa, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Daniel, Susan, Marianne, Antoine and Maja Tarka.


Weather: Another hot sunny day in Kvismaren. It seems Spain and not Sweden.


Great Reed Warbler project: A female, which was building its nest, was caught this morning by the GRW team.