Tisdag den 9 september 2014



Bill, Geoff and Steve



Tuesday 9th Sept 2014



We were up and off to the ringing site by 4:50 and it took us only around 40 minutes to get all the nets up. The moon was bright and lit up all the low lying mist and it was very atmospheric to walk the first net rounds.

We caught birds steadily all morning and ended up with well over a hundred, the highlight being a very young Penduline Tit.

Måndag den 8 september 2014



Steve, Geoff, Bill and Pelle



Monday 8th Sept 2014


More cloud cover this morning and a bit of dampness in the air, but not enough to curtail our ringing activities.

The morning started of with a few Swallows we managed to catch coming out of their roost in the reeds. Proceedings went very quiet for a while and we only caught a few birds on the next  net rounds.

Lördag den 6 september 2014

Weather: Sunny and calm.

Staff: Geoff, Steve, Bill and Pelle

Project: CES Ringing Vallen


The weather continues its same calm coditions and we reflect at our luck having such a settled period of weather. Vallen produced Yellowhammers, Bluethroats and a late colour ringed Great Reed Warbler. A Red backed Shrike improved our species total and we ended the morning with a total of 126.

Torsdag den 4 september 2014

Ringers group in Banvallen - photo Steve

Weather: Sunny and calm.

Staff: Geoff, Steve, Bill, Bruno, Carlos and Mike.


Project: CES Ringing Banvallen

We started off today at 5:30pm. Weatherwise it promised to be a sunny day. The sunrise was beautiful at the Banvallen ringing station. Lot´s of Sedge and Reed Warblers. Nice catches were a Greenfinch and a Siskin and two Nuthatches. Tomorrow night we will try again to catch more Waders.


Today's captures:

Robin 6 (1 recap)

Sedge Warbler 10 (3 recaps)

Onsdag den 3 september 2014

Little Stint. Photo by Steve

Staff: Geoff, Steve ,Bill, Mike, Bruno and Carlos.


Project: CES Ringing at Asson.


The marsh had a covering of early morning mist on this cool overcast start.With our nets set at right angles from the raised pathway into the edge of the marsh. Our catch soon reached eighty birds including three Bluethroats, passerines expected at this site.

I´m not surewhat was more enjoyable, the marshland habitat with its migrant species or Steve doing his Sundance Kid impression cycling up the long pathway humming “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”.

Tisdag den 2 september 2014

Red-breasted flycatcher. Photo by Steve

Weather: Overcast and calm.


Staff: Geoff, Steve, Bill, Bruno, Carlos and Mike.


Project: CES Ringing Asson


Today's captures:

Robin 5

Goldcrest 10

Swallow 3

Brambling 1

Sedge Warbler 18

Reed Warbler 32+1

Blackcap 3

Willow Warbler 18

Dunnock 2

Reed Bunting 2+1

Blue Tit 2

Garden Warbler 2

Red-breasted Flycatcher 1

Spoted Flycatcher 1

Scarlet Rosefinch 1

Treecreeper 1

Måndag den 1 september 2014

Sunrising Banvallen. Photo by Annemarie

Weather: Cloudy and warm all the morning.


Staff: Bruno, Carlos and Annemarie.


Project: CES ringing at Banvallen. We started our ringing sesion at 05:30 as usual but the morning was not very succesful. Just 44 birds of 13 species.


Today's captures:

Blackcap 3 (1)

Treepipit 1

Reed bunting 2

Willow warbler 13

Wren 1

Robin 3

Dunnock 1

Garden warbler 1

Red-backed shrike 1

Great tit (2)

Blue tit (3)

Söndag den 31 augusti 2014

Ringing Team. Photo by Annemarie

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Annemarie and Ashwin. Magnus Friberg joined us during the ringing session.

 Project: Ringing program CES.

 Weather: Sunny morning at Vallen with a little wind.

In the ringing session we caught 105 birds of 11 different species. The most special were 4 Blue Throat and 2 Great Reed Warblers.

The summary of today is:

Blue throat 4

Robin 1

Sedge warbler 19 + (1)

Reed warbler 41

Great reed warbler 1+ (1)