Fredag den 1 maj 2015

1st may April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO, JMY

Weather: Variable. Sunny in the morning but rain afternoon and evening.

Projects: Marsh Harrier, Starling. Crows and Raven

In the morning we searched for Marsh Harriers at Värstamaden. A couple of birds were flying around but no more indication of breeding. We heard the first Cuckoo of the year and some Wood warblers in the morning.

After the Marsh Harrier morning was done did we search for some potential Crow breedings. We couldn’t confirm anything new.

Torsdag den 30 april 2015

30th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO, JMY

Weather: Cold day, starting and ending with wind. Rain from 5 onwards.

Projects: Marsh Harrier, Starling.

As usual I and DHO went out to check on the Marsh Harriers (this morning at Rysjön). We identified a new pair and are now getting to a point where all nests will be located as TMJ has completed her areas around Åslasjön and Fågelsjön.

Onsdag den 29 april 2015

29th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO, JMY (Julie Murray)

Weather: Mostly sunny but cold wind. Some rain in the afternoon

Projects: Mars Harrier and Hooded Crow and Raven

Mars Harrier
After a look in Fågelsjön this morning that area is covered. Rysjön and Värstamaden needs to be checked again but otherwise the nestsearching is done now.

Tisdag den 28 april 2015

28th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO

Weather: Sunny and warm day with slight on/off cloud cover.

Projects: Wetland Census and Hooded Crow and Raven

Wetland Census:
Census performed between 07:00 and 09:10 with it becoming quickly apparent that counting Greylag Goose goslings is not as straight forwards as it sounds.

Måndag den 27 april 2015

27th april 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO,

Weather: Frost this morning, sunny day.

Projects: Wetland Survey,Hooded Crows & Ravens.

We didn´t find any new crow nests but we did search through some more areas that we need to check. In the afternoon when we looked for crows we instead founded a hobby feeding in Rysjö hagar.

Wetland Survey:
Nynäsängen, nyängen, fräknabotten, fiskingemaden, värstamaden

Söndag den 26 april 2015

26th April 2015-04-27

Staff: DWE, DHO

Weather: Windy through the day, rain around dawn which cleared as the day continued. Warm.

Projects: Marsh Harrier and Hooded Crow and Raven

This morning we took on Fågeksjön but the Harriers were not favouring nest building in the windy conditions and the birds were all seemingly hunting.

Lördag den 25 april 2015

25th april 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO

Projects: Marsh Harrier and Hooded Crow and Raven

Cold day with some periods of raining. Sunny in some parts of the morning.

In the morning we looked for mars harriers from Ormkärrsplattformen. That didn´t get anything new nest or indication.

After that we went to the Nynäs area to see if we could confirm any crow nests. We didn´t get any result out of that either.

Fredag den 24 april 2015

24th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO

Projects: Marsh Harrier and Hooded Crow and Raven

Today we spent the morning looking out over Fiskingemaden and from the platform the Harriers were much more active than on our last visit here. We managed to confirm one nest and have our suspicions about a second.

Torsdag den 23 april 2015

23rd April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO

Weather: Another warm day but strong wind

Projects: Nest boxes Sörön and Hooded Crow and Raven

In the morning we walked around Sörön and checked all the nestboxes. 16 boxes were occupied and there were eggs in one. Some nestboxes were laying on the ground and one we couldn´t find at all. When we opened one of the nestboxes a nuthatch flew out.