Onsdag den 20 maj 2015

20th May 2015


Weather: Sunny, but quite cold.

Projects: Great Reed Warbler, Ortolan bunting, skylark.

MBL & TMJ were out again early looking for Great Reed Warblers, and later DWE returned with MBL to Fågelsjön to see if they could catch and ring a male which had been heard singing . They managed to locate the bird but were not able to capture it.

Tisdag den 19 maj 2015

19th May 2015


Weather: A lot of rain throughout the whole day with a little bit of sun in the evening

Projects: Great Reed Warbler, Ortolan bunting.

Early in the morning, before the rain started, MBL and TMJ went out to look for Great reed warblers and their nests which they recently started to build. They were happy to find a nest in Sörbysjön. Its building is about one third complete. This is only the second nest that we`ve found so far in Kvismaren this year.

Måndag den 18 maj 2015

18th May 2015


Weather: Cold, raining in the morning, nice & sunny in the afternoon.

Projects: Great Reed Warbler, Ortolans, Skylarks, Savi’s Warbler.

Early in the morrning DWE, JMY and EKP have been searching for Ortolan Bunting but without success mainly due to the bad weather. They later perfomed a census of cranes and greylags in Bärsta with very few compared to the evening count some days before (13 cranes vs 244 the last Thursday).

Söndag den 17 maj 2015

10th-17th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, MBL, TMJ, MFB, MPN, Bernt, Jakob, Lilly

Great Reed Warbler, Skylark, Ortolan Bunting, Goose Counting, Wetland Census, Night Singing Census, Starling Nest Boxes, Lapwing Survey, Crane Counting, Spotted Crakes, Savi’s Warbler.

Over the last week things have been rather hectic with various people on various projects and we have been rather forgetful of the daily diary; I will do a summary of the various working projects over the past week.

Lördag den 9 maj 2015

9th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, (Marcelo) MBL, TMJ, MFG

Weather: Sunny, little wind, generally pleasant.

Projects: Great Reed Warbler, Ringing, Spotted Crake.

After the previous days clearing up of much of the Farmland bird duties, DWE and JMY took the opportunity to do some birding around Kvismaren on a lovely day. MBL and TMJ spent much of the morning on the lookout for Great Reed Warblers and both succeeded in finding new birds in Rysjön and Aslasjön.

Torsdag den 7 maj 2015

7th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, Marcelo, TMJ

Weather: Sunnier starts, with windy and variable weather throughout the day.

Projects: Great Reed Warbler, Skylark

TMJ and Marcelo started the day off attempting to catch a ringed male bird and to great success it took them only 5 minutes.

Onsdag den 6 maj 2015

6th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, Marcelo, TMJ

Weather: Rainy first thing, followed by warmer spells, strong wind.

Projects: Wetland Survey, Starling Project, Ortolan Bunting.

After the weather forecast promised a nicer day, we were disheartened to wake up to rain. The damp start to our Wetland Survey soon subsided and led on to a much more mild day.

Greylag Goose; 4
Teal; 44
Gadwall; 3 pairs
Goldeneye; 1

Tisdag den 5 maj 2015

5th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, TMJ, Marcello

Weather: Sun at first, then became cloudy & rained afternoon & evening

Projects: Skylark, Starling Nestboxes, Great Reed Warbler, Wetland Survey.

The day started with trial skylark plot surveys by DWE & JMY. 7 singing males were recorded over the two plots. Further discussion then took place with Jan Sondell to decide on the best methodology for the actual surveys beginning in Mid May. In the meantime we will be observing the skylarks to look for confirmation of nesting.

Måndag den 4 maj 2015

4th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, TMJ

Weather: Cold windy morning, torrential rain all afternoon and drizzle into the evening.

Projects: Skylark, Starling Nestboxes, Great Reed Warbler, Wetland Survey, Marsh Harriers and Crane Survey.

DWE and JMY went out this morning to trial the first plots of the Skylark survey. In the 2 plots we identified 7 singing males (3 in one, 4 in another) and we shall switch tomorrow in order to see how closely our results trend.