Fredag den 4 juli 2014

Carlos has ringed lanius collurio this morning; picture. Carlos

Personal: Teresa, Magnus (last day!!), Helena, Daniel, Carlos, Marianne, Antoine; Susan, Guest: August

Weather: we had a very shiny and sunny morning, and then clouds went back and covered the sky at 8am.

The rest of the day, sunshine in the sky!

Projects; Great Reed Warbler ; Farmland Birds ; Ringing program CES ; Marsh Harrier nests

Ringing session goes on in the reed with 59 birds which were caught:

-Willow warbler

-Garden warbler

-Sedge warbler

-Lesser whitethroat


Lördag den 5 juli 2014

Personel; Marianne, Antoine, Carlos, Teresa, Daniel, Helena, Susane, Alexandra. Guest: August and Arne

Weather; Sunny and a bit windy

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Ringing; Marsh Harrier Nests


Great Reed Warbler's team caught the logger male at Nyängen. Very good! But the logger was not on. It was lost somehow. Not good at all! Next to him, a new male which couldn't be identify was singing like crazy! Who's him?


Torsdag den 3 juli 2014

Staff: Carlos, Daniel, Helena, Marianne, Magnus, Teresa. Guests: Dennis and Emilia and August

Weather: Windy and rainy in the morning, better in the afternoon.

Projects: Farmland Survey ; CES ; GRW

Onsdag den 2 juli 2014

The Ortolan male in this picture has food for his chicks in the beak. Photo: Marianne Stoessel

Staff: Carlos, Daniel, Helena, Marianne, Teresa. Guests : Dennis and Emilia Hasselquist and August Thomasson 

Weather: Foggy in the morning, but clearing up to a beautiful and warm day, although with some rain and thunder in the afternoon and evening. Weak to no wind.

Farmland Survey: Marianne did a great job with the Farmland Project today, locating a Skylark nest AND confirming that the Ortolan pair on Husön are feeding their young.

CES: On the second day of standardised ringing my true love sent to me:

1 Treecreeper

3 Marsh Tits

Tisdag den 1 juli 2014

This photo does not come from today, but we promised you a photo of Marsh Harrier Chick some days ago! Chick ringed the 29/6/14 in Åslaholmen (photo: MSL)

1st day of July at the Kvismare fågelstation = 1st day of ringing staff = long day of work!


Personal: Teresa, Magnus, Helena, Daniel, Lena, Carlos, Marianne ; Guest: Dennis, Emilia and August

Weather: Cloudy in the early morning, then sunny for the rest of the day (little rain in the late afternoon)

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Ringing program and ringing setup

Måndag den 30 juni 2014

Always look on the bright side of life.

Personal: Teresa, Magnus, Helena, Daniel, Lena, Marianne, Guest: August with Carlos arriving from spain, but not bringing the weather !

Weather: Aweful

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Ringing setup, Marsh Harrier Nest Search.

The Great reed warbler team braved the rain and managed to succesfully find and ring a brood of chicks, plus catch a further male and female at another site.

Söndag den 29 juni 2014


Personal: TMJ, MSL, HHT, DMG & LSS. Gäster: Dennis och Max Hasselquist samt August Thomasson.


Weather: Cloudy, rainy and sunny. Weak easterly winds. Average temperature around 17 degrees.


GRW: 2 nest predated in Åslasjön and Nyängen (possibly Water Rale or Bittern)

HHT och DMG: 11 net rides prepared at Banvallen

MPN: Caught 2 Ortolan Buntings in Västmanland with Patrik Röhnnstad and put loggers on them

MSL: Farmland census at Husön and Ängfallet.


Lördag den 28 juni 2014

Leftover day!


Personel: Daniel, Helena, Marianne, Lena, Teresa, Magnus, August

Weather:  AWFUL!!! Cloudy, mostly rainy, windy afternoon

Projects: Great Reed Warblers (GRW), Farmland birds, Netrights for the Ringing



Fredag den 27 juni 2014

Need for Reed. Photo: August Thomasson


Personal: Teresa, Magnus, Helena, Daniel, Lena, Marianne, Guest: August

Weather: Some proper rain in the late morning, otherwise cloudy with a few light showers here and there.

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Ringing setup, Marsh Harriers Flyways, Marsh Harrier Nest Search

Torsdag den 26 juni 2014

Farmer spraying a field with pesticides, BUT left 2 ha unsprayed around an ortolan nest. Thank you Arne Andersson, farmer at Söröslätten. Foto: Magnus Persson

Farmer save an Ortolan Bunting brood!


Personel; Marianne, Daniel, Helena, Lena, Magnus, Teresa. Guests: August and Bengt

Weather; Nice sunny day

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Marsh Harrier Nests; Ringing set up