Onsdag den 23 juli 2014

Bearded tit. Photo by Antoine (AML)

Personal:  Helena, Carlos, Antoine; Hannes, Bruno, Kieran.

Weather: A very warm day at Vallen today (29c°). Sunrise in the mist in the morning and very sunny this afternoon; approximately 2 m/s wind.

Projects; Ringing program CES


Tisdag den 22 juli 2014

Greenish warbler. Photo by Bruno Sanchis

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Hannes, Kieran and Helena.


Weather: Early morning misty and late morning very sunny and warm without wind.


Ringing: Very special day to ring at Banvallen. (Not for the number of captures= 84), today we have caught the first Greenish warbler ever ringed in Kvismaren. On the other hand we saw and heard twice a King fisher, not really common here.


The summary of today's catch:



Sedge warbler            26 (4)= 30

Måndag den 21 juli 2014

Sunrise at Vallen. Photo by Carlos Mompó.

Staff: Antoine, Bruno, Carlos, Hannes, Helena and Kieran.

Weather: A fantastic day to ring at Vallen. It was a sunny and calm morning with 25º degrees at the end of the session.

Ringing: Best mark for this season.  182 were caught in 7 hours, with highlights such as 7 Bearded Tits and 6 Great Reed Warblers (2 adults, one of them unringed, and 4 juveniles, one of them unringed). Furthermore we caught two new species for this season, the first Marsh Warbler and the first Grasshopper Warbler.

Söndag den 20 juli 2014

Göktyta - Wryneck (Jynx torquilla)

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Kieran, Antoine and Hannes.


Weather: Calm and cloudy, with morning mist lingering, though not particularly cold. Mostly sunny from noon and throughout the afternoon.


Projects: CES-ringing at Banvallen. This was Kieran's first morning as an assistant ringer. A total of 76 birds were caught, 55 being new ringings and 21 retraps. The highlight of today was without question the young Wryneck, which, true to its name put on a real show! 

Lördag den 19 juli 2014

We've decided against using a picture of 9V-44 for the diary, as it was so terribly ugly. Instead we give you 9V-59, the wannabe Kingfisher! Photo: Carlos Mompó Zornoza

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Hannes, Helena, and the new arrival, Kieran


Weather: A lovely day with no wind (calm), sunny and cloudy, thick morning mist and a light rain shower in the early afternoon. Temperature 19 degrees Celsius once the morning cold had passed.


Fredag den 18 juli 2014

picture by Antoine

Personal:  Helena, Carlos, Antoine; Hannes, Bruno.

Weather:  Very beautiful sunrise this morning and big sun this afternoon; approximately 5 m/s southwesterly wind.

Projects; Ringing program CES


CES Ringing program : The ringing team is now alone at kvismaren. Today we caught.

-Great Tit

-Blue Tit

-Reed Bunting

-Black Cap

-Common Whitethroat

-Garden Warbler

-Sedge Warbler

-Willow Warbler

-European Robin

Torsdag den 17 juli 2014

Sunrise at Vallen. Photo by Bruno Sanchis.

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Helena, Hannes and Antoine. Teresa and Marianne has finished their season at kvismaren. Good luck with your projects and see you soon!


Weather: Cloudy early morning but this soon cleared into a bright sunny day.


Projects: Standardised CES Ringing (Vallen).


Ringing totals:


Sedge warbler 16 (2)

Reed warbler 10 (5)

Great reed warbler 2

Parus palustris 1

Willow warbler 4

Reed bunting 16 (2)

Onsdag den 16 juli 2014

Tree Sparrow. Photo by Carlos

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes, Antoine, Marianne, Teresa. Guest: Martin

Weather: Crazy, as usual. It was a cloudy and windy morning, but sunny afternoon.

Projects: Ringing, Great Reed Warbler.

It was a new ringing day in Banvallen. This time we were able to finish the session but the wind caused that ​​the catches were not many. 53 birds of 18 different species were caught and two new species for this season were ringed, blackbird and tree sparrow.

European Robin 1

Tisdag den 15 juli 2014

Personel: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes, Antoine, Marianne, Teresa. Guest: Martin

Weather: Calm. Mostly overcast sky with some rain, leading to early take-down of nets. 

Projects: Great Reed Warbler, Ringing.

The ringing team set out to Vallen early as usual. The lack of wind was promising, but dark clouds were looming on the horizon. The morning started of good, with a fair amount of birds in the nets, but then the rain arrived. Not wanting the nets to become wet again, they were taken down early. Ironically, the raining stopped shortly after...

Måndag den 14 juli 2014

Personel; Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes, Antoine, Marianne, Teresa. Guest: Martin

Weather; Rainny day

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Ringing


Very early morning, as usual, as every day since 1st July, our ringers get up to head towards Banvallen.. Unfortunately, after 3 retraps and 4 unringed birds, the rain started and they had to run back home.