Tisdag den 27 maj 2014

Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, Dennis and Nico .

Weather: What a change, strong winds from the North, cold but sunny.


Projects: Great reed warbler, and Farmland birds




The day startet with a cold suprise. A cold and fairly hard wind from the North changed the weather conditions completely. Where the last few days wer like lovely short pants sommerdays, now warm trousers, sweaters and jackets were needed!


Måndag den 26 maj 2014

Goodbye Adam and Pablo!


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Dennis

Weather; Mostly sunny and quite warm, but a little bit windy though

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland birds,


Söndag den 25 maj 2014

Personal och gäster: TLR, LSS, TMJ, DHT, MPN och två studenter från Lunds universitet, Pablo och Adam (som åker hem till Lund imorgon den 26 maj).

Väder: Sol och moln, ingen nederbörd, SV vind. Cirka 16 grader


Lördag den 24 maj 2014

Everything alright


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Dennis, Pablo, Adam

Weather; sunny and warm day, rain shower and a little thunderstorm in the afternoon

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds, Marsh Harriers



Fredag den 23 maj 2014

Personel; Magnus, Teresa, Nico, Torben, Lena, Dennis, Pablo and Adam

Weather; Warm during the whole day. Calm early morning but strong SE wind around noon and during the rest of the day

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Yellowhammer; Skylark; Ortolan Bunting


Onsdag den 21 maj 2014

Hej dagbok!

Personal och gäster: TMJ, LSS, TLR, NDL och MPN. Dagens gäster kom från Lunds universitet; Dennis Hasselquist (legendar inom fågelstationen), Pablo Alcalde (Spanien) och Adam Murphy (Great Britain). De två sistnämnda är studenter på ornitologikursen i Lund. De är här och gör ett projektarbete om den bruna kärrhökens jaktrevir. Stannar ca 6 dagar.

Väder: Soligt med lite molnighet, ca 20 grader. Svag bris.

Tisdag den 20 maj 2014

Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, and Nico .

Weather: Cloudet, dry, light breeze and fairly mild, about 20 degrees celcius.


Projects: Great reed warbler, Wetland survey and Starling/Yellowhammer




This morning Torben and Nico finished their wetland survey in Fiskingemaden, Värstamaden, and Fräknabotten,.... here are the results:



Måndag den 19 maj 2014

Gadwall nest (Photo by Magnus Persson)

Better late than never..


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus

Weather; foggy morning, cloudy rest of the day, rain in the afternoon

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Wetland Census, Crane Counting


This early morning we were caught off unaware by a dense blanket of fog which was very pleasing to look at, indeed (especially over the lakes) but did not support our wetland census plans at all. However, half of us braved the weather and stuck to the plan. 

Söndag den 18 maj 2014

Personel; Torben, Lena, Magnus, Teresa

Weather; Sun and warm during the morning. Cloudy in the afternoon.Some drops in the evening

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Ortolan Bunting; Yellowhammer; Skylark


Good news from the Ortolan project! We are glad to announce: one confirm pair at Ängfallet. We will keep you update on their success.