Torsdag den 31 juli 2014

First year Blyth's Reed Warbler. Photo: Carlos Mompó Zornoza

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Hannes, Kieran, Helena

Weather: Windy, around 6 m/s southwesterly according to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) but it felt like more. The skies were clear today, with little to no clouds. Temperature probably just over 20 degrees.


The highlight of the otherwise rather meager catch (63 birds as compared to more than 3000 birds ringed in July) was the first year Blyth's Reed Warbler (Busksångare, Acrocephalus dumetorum) that was thoroughly examined and photographed during ringing. As I'm writing this, I'm unfortunately the only one awake and I don't have any photos to show you, but we'll put some up tomorrow. This is the second Blyth's Reed Warbler ringed this season, but the first during standardised ringing.

The ringing session took place on the windiest site, Ässön, which meant that a few nets were too exposed to use today. As mentioned we caught 63 birds, which is entirely normal for a day in Kvismaren but for the ringing team of 2014 this counts as an incredibly slow day, with enough time to both practice fencing and drink a lot of coffee as well as study the caught birds extra carefully. 

Today's summary is as follows:

Species                          New Retrap Total

White Wagtail                   1        0         1

Robin                                1        0         1

Blackbird                           1        0         1

Songthrush                       1         0         1

Sedge Warbler                 20        3        23

Blyth's Reed Warbler     1         0          1

Reed Warbler                   9         1         10

Garden Warbler               1          0         1

Blackcap                          1          0         1

Willow Warbler                5          0         5

Pied Flycatcher               1          0         1

Blue Tit                           7          0         7

Great Tit                        4           0         4

Reed Bunting                 6           0         6

Total                            59           4         63 birds of 14 species 


In the afternoon, some data entry was done. Then Kieran and Hannes went wader watching at Löten and did some breeding bird counts in Rysjön, and Antoine and Bruno took the canoe to try and photograph the beavers in the canal (rumour has it Bruno fell in the water). Helena and Carlos stayed in, discussing the Blyth's and working about the house. 

Vid tangenterna,