Onsdag den 11 juni 2014

Finally: Hatching time for GRW!!

Personel; Marianne, Nico, Magnus, Lena, Teresa and Maja

Weather; sunny, short rainstorm in the afternoon

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds, Marsh Harrier Flyways


This morning Magnus and Nico went to the conventional farming fields in Söröslätten for checking out Skylarks and Yellowhammars. They were able to nail 4 little Skylark chicks, which Nico observed beeing fed a couple of days ago. They already left the nest, ready to to explore the world and their first big adventure ended up in the hands of the two guys. Each of them carries a ring now and bloodsamples where taken. Not so with the Skylark chicks  Nico and Magnus also found. They were still far to young to be ringed. But anyway they have to come back, not least to ring another Skhylark clutch they almost found today.

Marianne meanwhile observed the ecological fields around Ängfallet and kept an eye on the logger female Ortolan but ended up without news. Also everything else stayed quite silent and no new nests can be recorded. Instead she found at least one of the Yellowhammar chicks we ringed about one month ago as pulls. It was perfectly happy and feeding seeds on the road.

The Great Reed Warbler Team kept controll over the Kvismaren lakes in the morning. Maja went out to Åslasjön and Fågelsjön before leaving (Good Bye!) and Teresa and Lena checked Njängen and Rysjön. Finally also for the GRW hatching time starts or started yesterday precisely. Today we found more pulls in two nests and they will keep on hatching which is a very nice experience.  However,  we are also confident to find a new  nest soon in Rysjön. The couple seems to start building again, after the eggs in their first nest were pecked.

After a (very) sudden rainstorm spoiled our activities for a little while, Teresa and Magnus (Friberg) looked for the Corn Crake which is still around.

Marianne kept on trying to figure out the Marsh Harrier flyways in Åslasjön and Magnus spotted a true rarity again. This time a Demoiselle Crane lost it`s way and is visiting Kvismare.