Fredag den 6 juni 2014

New Spotted Crake ringed last night (photo from Magnus Friberg)

Quiet Friday

Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Marianne, Bo. Guest researchers: Mikael, Maja, Jacob

Weather: Sunny day with some little clouds. Average temperature of 18°C

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Night census; Crakes ringing programme

Last night, we had the night census on Kvismare that ended more or less at 3am this morning. Nico found a lot of Spotted Crakes in Östra Kvismaren where two where also captured and ringed by Magnus Fribergs´s team. Contrastingly, in Västra Kvismaren, where Torben and Lena did the night census, few Spotted Crakes were detected. In Löten, Magnus also detected only one Spotted Crake. At Åslaholmen, Teresa observed a very beautiful bird: the Short-Eared Owl!

 After this nocturnal work, everyone was quiet tired and the work was less intensive this morning than usual, but was still productive: Indeed, the Great Reed Warbler team (Teresa and Nico) found a new unringed male in Killingemade! A new nest was also found in Nyängen. In Åslajön, Lena did not find something new but everything was fine there.

Concerning the farmland survey in Ängfallet, we saw the pair of Ortolan whose nest was probably predated these last days. They are now active for foraging in their territory, which is valuable information. Maybe they will try a second brood soon. Still in Ängfallet, the pair of Skylarks whose chicks were ringed a week ago is not any more feeding at the nest. Maybe the chicks have now fledged and explore the area around the nest? No new feeding observation of Skylarks and Yellowhammers was detected today.

On this afternoon, Magnus Friberg´s team tried to capture and ring Corncrake, but it did not succeed this time. However, then they caught and ringed a River Warbler in Råsta.

On the evening, Bo Maja & Jacob arrived while Mikael just left us this afternoon. We will be now 9 people at the Kvismare fågelstation!