Tisdag den 27 maj 2014

Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, Dennis and Nico .

Weather: What a change, strong winds from the North, cold but sunny.


Projects: Great reed warbler, and Farmland birds




The day startet with a cold suprise. A cold and fairly hard wind from the North changed the weather conditions completely. Where the last few days wer like lovely short pants sommerdays, now warm trousers, sweaters and jackets were needed!


Like always the troups were divided in two, one Great reed warbler group and one group hunting for the farmland birds. Theresa and Dennis changed terratory and went looking for GRW in Segersjö, the area where the Kvismare kanal runs into Hjalmaren. It appeared to be a verry fruitfull day, despite the hard work caused by the neverending blowing winds. Lena took her first solo GRW cano trip in the lakes in Kvismare…a verry exciting day and she didn’t even got lost,...well done Lena!


The farmlandbird guys had succes today…. the first feeding skylark was seen att the fields around the birdstation…. finally!!! But that was not all,... while checking some new areas one new ortolan pair was found and a possible new male (ringed last year) in an other area….Hoping that the next days will continue to be so succesfull because we need to find a lot more nests in order to proceed with the studies.


The windy and sunny day took a lot of energy from the team,... 8 o clock sleepy time, see you tomorow at 5!!!!

Sov gott