Onsdag den 16 april 2014

Carrying on yesterday’s projects on day number 2!


Personel: TMJ, TLR, LSS

Weather: Cold but clear morning, almost windless and sunny

Projects: Wetland Survey; Sörön nest boxes


The second day of the season comes up with nothing new. Finishing yesterday’s projects, is the name of the game. It worked out almost perfectly. In the morning we continued Wetland Survey in Löten, Fågelsjön, Åslasjön and Fiskingemaden, so tomorrow there is just Värstamaden left to finish the Survey for this week. The following is a list of all the species with numbers counted today.


Åslasjön (TMJ): Bitterns: 2, Water Rail: 1, Greylag Geese: 80, Shovelers: 1 pair, Mallards: 3, Coots: 20, Mute Swan: 1, Red-necked Grebes: 2 pairs, Goldeneyes: 3, Tufted Ducks: 2


Fågelsjön (TMJ):  Bitterns: 3, Red-necked Grebes: 5 (2 pairs + 1), Greylag Geese: 133, Coots: 26, Goldeneyes: 18, Tufted Ducks: 22, Canada Geese: 2, Mallards: 9, Mute Swan: 1, Gadwalls: 5, Water Rails: 3


Löten (TLR + LSS): Greylag Geese: 15, Coots: 7, Lapwings: 10, Wigeons: 73, Mute Swans: 2, Goldeneyes: 2, Gadwalls: 10, Teals: 64, Black-headed Gulls: 202, Mallards: 5, Curlews: 5


Fiskingemaden (TLR): Greylag Geese: 43, Lapwings: 15, Teals: 101, Black-headed Gulls: 96, Mallards: 7, Mew Gulls: 32, Crane: 1, Bittern: 1, Gadwalls: 2, Shovelers: 2


In the afternoon, we checked the remaining nest boxes in Sörön. Although a few have to be under repair either way, there are at least 40 boxes ready for the breeding season, now.



P.S.  I added a photo of one of our neighbors, a small nuthatch. It is possibly moving into the nestbox fronting our kitchen, soon. It was built for starlings, but never mind.

The picture was taken by the one and only Mr. Torben Langer.