Tisdag den 15 april 2014

Nice to be back again!


Personel; Teresa Montràs Janer (TMJ), Torben Langer (TLR), Lena Soumpasis (LSS)

Weather; Moderate N wind throughtout the morning with clear sky. Calm and sunny afternoon, with a very, very little short rain

Projects; Wetland Survey; Sörön nest boxes


The season has started at Kvismaren. After spending 6 months here last year, I am back to join the spring at Ängfallet. Marsh harriers, great reed warblers, wetland surveys, ortolan buntings and many more other projects are waiting for us. We will tell you all about it in our website.


Today has been our first day. We were out at 7am to start with the first Wetland Survey. This was a good introduction for Lena and Torben. Below, a summary of the areas we visited this morning and the total number per species. Mostly roosting ducks, some of them in pairs as well as the lapwings, the mute swams and the greylag geese.


Hammar, Hammarbotten, Killingemaden and the new lake Sörbysjön (TMJ): Common Teal: 295; Mallard: 64; Gadwall: 8; Greylag Goose: 56; Shoveler: 5; Lapwing: 38; Mute Swan: 6; Common Crane: 101; Wigeon: 133; Bean Goose: 8; Whooper Swan: 1; Black-headed Gull: 91; Grey Heron: 3; Green Sandpiper: 5; Spotted Redshank: 1; Barnacle Goose: 1. Also 1 male Hen Harrier over Fiskingemaden.


Nynäsängen and Nyängen (TLR + LSS): Greylag Goose: 33; Mallard: 4; Coot: 8; Mute Swan: 1; Goldeneye: 7; Tufted Duck: 5; Red-necked Grebe: 1; Wigeon: 12; Teal: 24; Whooper Swan: 2. Also a female Marsh Harrier with nest material, very close to one of last year's territories.


Fräknabottnen (TLR + LSS): Greylag Goose: 25; Lapwing: 13; Black-headed Gull: 24; Whooper Swan: 2; Shoveler: 2; Mallard: 3; Teal: 124; Common Sandpiper: 2


In the afternoon, we checked the nest boxes in Sörön. They need to be ready for the breeding season. We have checked half of them. Next half, tomorrow.