Tisdag den 24 september 2013

Personnel; MKS, TMJ, 2x ’Crane Girls’

Weather; Very similar to yesterday with rapidly N-NW wind during the morning. The forecasted rain shower never really materialised with just a few little spots of rain mid morning. Sunny spells throughout the day.

Projects; Ringing (Öby Kulle)

Ringing totals; Nets 06:45 – 10:30

Robin 1
Willow Warbler 1
Chaffinch 7
Brambling 16
Reed Bunting 2
Yellowhammer 5
Great Tit 1

TOTAL = 33 (+ 1 Control)

Again the weather didn’t look so good for the standard sites so off to Öby Kulle we went again. With the wind became stronger this seemed like a good decision as we sheltered in our little wind-proof hollow. A few more birds than yesterday but nothing different or unexpected.