Tisdag den 8 maj 2018

Cranes (Etienne D.)

Staff: Etienne Debenest (EDT), Melanie Bouyssou (MBU), Gildas Baudouin (GBN), Ana Jara (AJA), Mariana Lapa (MLA), Laila Aranda (LAR), Tage Ashing (TAG), Gintaras Malmiga (GMA)

Weather: Sunny and warm with no wind.

All areas were count today. Some numbers: 243 Cranes on Hammar-botten, 700 Black-headed Gull and 1 pair of Little Gull, 1 pair of Herring Gull on incubation, and lot of Wood Sandpiper.

Projects: STARLING
All starling nestboxes was checked. We counted 182 eggs in 35 nests of Starling today against 204 in 40 nest four days ago. Great Tits and Nuthatchs occupe 8 nestboxes. We have 38% of occupancy on nestboxes by target species.

Projects: GRW
We checked all the lakes. 4 new males in Sörbysjön and the first nest of the season was observed.

A Kingfisher and Wryneck was also observed.