Lördag den 5 maj 2018

Staff: Etienne Debenest (EDT), Melanie Bouyssou (MBU), Gildas Baudouin (GBN), Ana Jara (AJA), Mariana Lapa (MLA), Laila Aranda (LAR), Tage Ashing (TAG)
Weather: Sunny and warm
Projects: Ortolan Bunting, Curlew, GRW

Ortolan Buntings: Tag and Magnus Pearson have checking the ortolan buntings for colour rings and 2 out of 3 had colour rings!!!!! What a nice surprise!!!!! Now they´re trying to guess the colour code as ortolans move a lot and so it´s not easy to read them

Curlew: EDT, MBU and GBN went to Tysslinge and another lake close to Orebro for couple breeders, but unfortunately, they were no lucky today. Crossing finger for the next trial!!!

GRW: 1 male settled down in Östra with colour rings and 1 new arrival in Löten, which was also heard by Magnus Pearson at the platform . We also spotted the first black terns of the season (at least for us) and a beaver in Fägelsön.