Torsdag den 3 juli 2014

Staff: Carlos, Daniel, Helena, Marianne, Magnus, Teresa. Guests: Dennis and Emilia and August

Weather: Windy and rainy in the morning, better in the afternoon.

Projects: Farmland Survey ; CES ; GRW

Farmland Survey: work was cancelled because of wind and rain in the morning. In the afternoon the farmland team found a last Skylark nest in Husön in the conventional crops!! 4 chicks were ringed and blood sample has been taken. Furthermore, Ortolan bunting pair in Söröslatten is still feeding their chicks and they use the unsown strip for foraging, which is good news!

CES: Today was the second session in Vallen ringing station. 48 birds were caught of 19 different species, not too bad for a windy day. The star of the day was an adult female of Great reed warbler with colour rings in their legs. In the afternoon the ringing team continued to fight against bushes in Banvallen.

GRW: The Great Reed Warbler kept on ringing. On this occasion, another nest with one chick was ringed! Moreover, a new male has just arrived to Fågelsjön… a newly mysterious male just discovered! The GRW team will have to discover who it is!

We've got a new French assistant ringer for the next month: Antoine Morel. “Bienvenue” to Kvismaren!!