Onsdag den 2 juli 2014

The Ortolan male in this picture has food for his chicks in the beak. Photo: Marianne Stoessel

Staff: Carlos, Daniel, Helena, Marianne, Teresa. Guests : Dennis and Emilia Hasselquist and August Thomasson 

Weather: Foggy in the morning, but clearing up to a beautiful and warm day, although with some rain and thunder in the afternoon and evening. Weak to no wind.

Farmland Survey: Marianne did a great job with the Farmland Project today, locating a Skylark nest AND confirming that the Ortolan pair on Husön are feeding their young.

CES: On the second day of standardised ringing my true love sent to me:

1 Treecreeper

3 Marsh Tits

11 Sedge Warblers (+6 retraps)

1 Coal Tit

11 Willow Warblers (+2 retraps)

1 Reed Warbler (+2 retraps)

1 Icterine Warbler

3 Robins

4 Blackcaps

2 Common Whitethroats (+1 retrap)

6 Reed Buntings

8 Blue Tits

6 Great Tits

1 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

1 Yellowhammer

7 Garden Warblers (+3 retraps)

2 Thrush Nightingale

1 Redwing and

1 Fieldfare

All in all 71 new ringings and 14 retraps, and we caught 19 different species. A good morning! 

GRW: The Great Reed Warbler Team found a mysterious male who raised his due to predation motherless chicks alone, and thus was late last year. He is now back, acting a bit... unusually.

Marsh Harriers: In the afternoon, Marianne guided Daniel on a little walk into a Marsh Harrier nest with 4 chicks which were all ringed. They are getting quite big now.

Friberg is at this very moment out trying to ring Little Gull at the nest, with the help of August, Teresa, Dennis and Emilia.

We've got a new assistant ringer for the next week: Susan Jones. Welcome to Kvismaren, Susan!

Vid tangenterna,