Måndag den 30 juni 2014

Always look on the bright side of life.

Personal: Teresa, Magnus, Helena, Daniel, Lena, Marianne, Guest: August with Carlos arriving from spain, but not bringing the weather !

Weather: Aweful

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Ringing setup, Marsh Harrier Nest Search.

The Great reed warbler team braved the rain and managed to succesfully find and ring a brood of chicks, plus catch a further male and female at another site.

Rain stopped play for most of the other projects throughout the day allowing people to catch up on paperwork ( Ironic Im 4 days late in writing this, I blame to many bacon sandwiches ) while the Farmland bird surveyers made a discovery of a new singing ortolan bunting.

The day ended with a party at Magnus's house to celebrate him moving in along with it being Marianne's birthday tomorrow. The cake was delicious !!