Söndag den 29 juni 2014


Personal: TMJ, MSL, HHT, DMG & LSS. Gäster: Dennis och Max Hasselquist samt August Thomasson.


Weather: Cloudy, rainy and sunny. Weak easterly winds. Average temperature around 17 degrees.


GRW: 2 nest predated in Åslasjön and Nyängen (possibly Water Rale or Bittern)

HHT och DMG: 11 net rides prepared at Banvallen

MPN: Caught 2 Ortolan Buntings in Västmanland with Patrik Röhnnstad and put loggers on them

MSL: Farmland census at Husön and Ängfallet.


In the afternoon, DMG, MSL and HHT successfully located and ringed nest no. 14 (Marsh Harriers) which had three healthy chicks in it. They then had a chance to try the brand new walkie-talkies, which are absolutely wonderful! 

Vid pennan


Magnus Persson