Måndag den 9 juni 2014

Ringing the Skylark

Personel; Marianne, Nico, Magnus, Torben, Lena, Maja, Jacob and Teresa

Weather; Sunny and SW wind

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds



Aggressive males were dominating the great reed warbler project today! One part of the team went to the Ekeby lake trying to catch a last year’s logger male. It appeared that the male did not forget last year’s catching experience because he managed to avoid the net several times. Despite all the tricks Teresa and Maja tried, the male did not want to get caught and as a result of this the logger is still on…. What a though one this was. Meanwhile Jacob was witnessing a real fight in the reeds. Two Great reed warbler males were fighting aggressively, quite uncommon for this specie. Lena had also a very important mission!!!

Torben and Marianne started the day with a ringing mission. The Skylark nest Torben (by accident) found earlier, should now be hatched and the chicks suitable for ringing and for taking bloodsamples. This is the third nest we have found this year and it is nice to notice that the team is getting more skilled in the ringing and blood sampling procedures. After this ‘easy mission’, finding a new Yellowhammer nest was on the list… However not without risks because in an extreme attempt to find the wanted nest, Marianne managed to step (in the most elegant way) in a dirty ditch. Though all wet…she of course kept on going and almost managed to locate a new nest precisely. 


 Good work everybody.