Söndag den 8 juni 2014

Personel; Marianne, Nico, Magnus, Torben, Lena, Maja, Jacob and Teresa

Weather; Sunny and SW wind

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds


The Farmland Birds's team found one Skylark nest, after intens observation of 1 feeding pair. Nevertheless, the chicks were already fledge so they had to look for the youngsters between the crops. Too late. None could be found.

Well, not too bad. On their way back home, they found another pair feeding. Would they be able to find the nest tomorrow?

As soon as they arrived to Ängfallet though, they ringed the chicks of the Ortolan nest near by. Despite all worries, they were not predated but successfully breed.


As for the Great Reed Warbler team, they managed to identify the male of one of the nests at Åslasjön – thus reveling the mistery of the missing bird – to find the new nest in the island in the middle of the lake and to catch the uncatchable unringed male out there. At Nyägen, they caught 2 second year birds born in Kvismaren last year, and observe a suspicious behaviour in Rysjön that will need to be followed tomorrow.


Good work everybody.