Onsdag den 4 juni 2014

one of the three skylark chicks, in the hand of Torben (photo by Marianne)
Blue Tit chick (photo by Torben)


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Marianne, Mikael

Weather; cloudy and cool day, a little bit of sun in the early evening

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds, Ormkärret nest boxes, Savi’s Warbler


As usually we started this morning with Great Reed Warbler- and Farmlandbird-Observation. Nico and Magnus searched for skylarks, yellowhammers and ortolans in Ängfallet, but they couldn’t locate new nests and the ortolan-chicks are likely to be predated. This suspicion unfortunately couldn’t be diffused in the afternoon either, when Nico checked it again. Torben and Marianne however, were more successful by finding a skylark nest in Söröslätten with three beautiful chicks in it. The ortolans seemed to be quite secretive today in general.

Just like the Great Reed Warblers. In Fågelsjön and Åslasjön however, where Teresa and Lena checked the situation today they behaved a little bit confusing what might also be connected with the arrival of a quite a few new females, which mix up the males. But an unexpected resurrection awaited us in Fågelsjön. A long “abandoned”

nest turned out to contain 5 warm eggs. Mikael meanwhile went to Rysjön to keep control of the GRW there.

In the afternoon Marianne, Torben and Lena checked a couple of nestboxes in Ormkärret and were able to ring (almost) two whole clutches of Great tits and Blue tits just before fledging and in another nestbox we found a just recently hatched Pied Flycatcher-pull. Maybe it was even one of the first ones this year. All in all it we spent some very nice hours marveling at the circle of life (we also found a predated chick (wing) on the ground. Just to complete the circle).

Teresa and Magnus went out for listening “our” Savi’s warbler in Värstamaden but he was untraceable.