Fredag den 25 april 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; sunny and calm throughout the day

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests, ringing, wetland survey

 The wetland surveys carried out today took place at two locations and resulted in the following:

 Fiskingemaden: Mute Swan 2, Greylag Goose 5 (+5 chicks), Gadwall 2, Mallard 2, Shoveler 2, Crane 1, Lapwing 22, Snipe 5, Wood Sandpiper 1, Black-headed Gull 150

 Värstamaden: Greylag Goose 10, Teal 2, Mallard 12, Shoveler 2, Goldeneye 4, Crane 2, Lapwing 10, Snipe 6, Green Sandpiper 1

 In the morning the Marsh Harrier situation got even more confusing for us. We found two more possible nesting sites which seem to be very close to the other places we already know. However, we built a new observation platform in a tree near those nest, so maybe things will clear up.

 After that we took a long long coffee-break – a traditional fika, like proper Swedes do – and we took quite a few time with chatting and listening stories.

 Later at noon another Marsh Harrier survey session started. Without any further results, though.

 To end the day with something successful, we decided to place our last canoe, which was a great fun and provided us a paddling trip through Rysjön.

 And to end the day even more successfully we ringed a jackdaw!

 Good night