Onsdag den 23 april 2014

two geese chicks, photo by Torben Langer

Slow day!


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; moderate wind throughout the day, cold and clear

Projects; Wetland Survey; Marsh Harrier nests


This morning we started the second round of wetland survey. As a foursome we were able to face Nynäsängen and Nyängen, Fräknabotten, Hammarmaden, Hammarbotten, Killingemaden and Sörbysjön.  

See the results below:


Nynäsängen & Nyängen: Greylag Geese: 70, Teals: 122, Goldeneyes: 10, Mute Swans: 5, Mallards: 12, Coots: 10, Water Rail: 1, Bittern: 1, Red-necked Grebe: 1, Mew Gull: 1, Black-headed Gull: 1, Lapwing: 1


Fräknabotten: Lapwings: 32, Greylag Geese: 18, Black-headed Gull: 45, Curlews: 52,

Snipe: 1, Mute Swan: 1, Teals: 147, Wigeon: 9, Mallard: 3, Gadwall: 4, Crane: 2, Mew Gull:1


All the rest will stay a well-kept secret till Friday afternoon.


In the afternoon everybody was kind of doing his own business. Thereby we managed to confirm 2 Marsh Harrier nest at Fågelsjön, which is great news.


Story of the day: We found two lonely geese-chicks at the canal.

However, the chicks are quite early this year, which is maybe a little bit more of a story. Last year the first chicks hatched about 3 weeks later.


Done with the news.