Lördag den 19 april 2014

Fixing nestboxes in the fog. Picture by LSS

God afton Sverige after Day number 6!


Personel: TMJ, TLR, LSS, Magnus Friberg (MFG)

Weather: foggy (very foggy) morning, quite sunny afternoon

Projects: Sörön nest boxes, Marsh Harrier nests, Ringing


The 5th day of the season began without visibility. So we just changed plans and started the day with fixing the broken nestboxes in Sörön.

After that we spent some time with ringing in Ängfallet and we were able to catch a couple of nice birds despite the fog indeed: 3 chaffinches in total and 1 nuthatch which was a retrap of yesterday.


Until noon the fog was gone so we continued to identify the Marsh Harrier nests around. From what we observed so far, there should be at least four nests in progress. Keep your fingers crossed that we can locate them.


In the afternoon we were lucky to colour ring the first pair of penduline tits this year. The two just started to build a nest in Åslaholmen.


Today’s successful work was finally completed by icecream on the terrace and our first Swedish lesson.


In this sense:

“Får man ha får på planet?”

Who knows..