Fredag den 18 april 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR and LSS

Weather; Cloudy morning. Sun and calm afternoon

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests. Ringing


Marsh harriers. This is the main project we are working on at the moment. A new 'wave' of females seems to be arrived at Kvismaren and today there were more females around. With a few pairs displaying and another one building nest, things are getting interesting. How many nests will be in Kvismaren this year?


After a good morning surveying harriers we treat ourselves to coffee and cake at Öby Kulle cafe, and the 3 of us spent there quite a while talking like old friends catching up. It was nice.


Carrying the canoes to Fågelsjönand Åslasjön and ringing around Ängfallet, filled the rest of the afternoon. We got a nice variety of birds. Amongst the new catches: 1 Blue Tit; 1 Greenfinch and 2 Tree Sparrows. As for the retraps: 1 Fieldfare; 1 Great Tit and 2 Nuthach - one of them a female ringed at Angfallet on 2011 as a 1y. All of these birds are retraps from previous years ringing at Ängfallet.