Torsdag den 26 september 2013

1cy female Blackbird. Photo; MKS

Personnel; MKS, TMJ, 1x ’Crane Girls’

Weather; Moderate NW wind throughout, very cold in the morning with mostly clear skies.

Projects; Standardised CES Ringing (Ässon)

Ringing totals; Nets 06:40 – 10:30

Chiffchaff 5
Goldcrest 3
Robin 1
Wren 2
Redpoll 1 (cabaret)
Siskin 2
Reed Bunting 4
Blue Tit 1
Great Tit 5
Blackbird 1

TOTAL = 25 (+ 4 Control)

The wind today was significantly more than forecast so we were only able to put up half the nets we usually would at this site. Some rather optimistic playback (Pygmy Owl for a while before dawn and Yellow-browed Warbler afterwards) had predictable results but you never can tell and sometimes you get lucky!

Today’s cabaret Redpoll was the smallest and brownest one yet. We have caught few thrushes this year so today’s Blackbird was the highlight of the morning – only the 3rd ringed this year!

During the morning we took down the poles for the ‘elevator’ net. The cold weather, drop in bird numbers and packing/sorting around the house during the last couple of days has produced a very end-of-seasony feel. Only a couple of days to go…