Lördag den 25 maj 2019

b>Staff: Lucía Acevedo (LAL), Andrea Molina (AME), Kiki Bairaktaridou (KKB), Bo Nielsen (BNN)

Weather:Projects: SKYLARK NESTS
The novel farming methods implicate a higher number of cuts in the fields. The first recollection of the grass starts now earlier, at the beginning of June. Since the chicks don’t have time enough to grow up before the grass is recollected, the farmland species associated with this ecosystem have been negatively affected by that practice.
For that reason, we are going to visit frequently two different field, one spring field and one autumn, to find the skylarks nests and obtain different measures of the chicks. That way, we could compare if there is any difference between these two farming methods.
Today, we have started searching for skylark nest located in Mörby but for the moment we haven’t found anyone. Tomorrow, we will try again.

All the starling chicks have been already ringed, measured and weighted. We have a total of 174.

One pair of Scaup in Rysjön. At least 30 Black terns in Löten and Rysjön. One Scarlet Rosefinch at Ormkullen and at least two at Banvallen. One Broad-billed Sandpiper at Hammar.