Lördag den 9 augusti 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Annemarie, Kieran, Helena

Weather: Sunny, no wind, around 25 degrees celsius.

CES-ringing: Today's session on Ässön gave 128 birds, of which 121 were new ringings. These proportions make it quite clear that Ässön is a migration site. Nothing too interesting in the catch, but Annemarie and Bruno were happy to finally see a Black Woodpecker on the island.

Today's catch:

Reed Warbler: 20 new 

Sedge Warbler: 24 new

Willow Warbler: 19 new

Blue Tit: 22 new, 2 retraps

Reed Bunting: 19 new, 1 retrap

Chaffinch: 4 new

Blackcap: 3 new

White Wagtail: 1 new

Common Whitethroat: 1 new

Garden Warbler: 2 new, 1 retrap

Great Tit: 2 new, 2 retraps

Red-backed Shrike: 1 new

European Robin: 2 new, 1 retrap

Marsh Warbler: 1 new

The night before, Carlos, Annemarie, Kieran, and Helena went wader ringing on Löten together with Magnus Friberg. A Wood Sandpiper, two Ruff and a Greenshank were caught. All of them were born this year.

This afternoon, Annemarie, Bruno, and Kieran have gone with Magnus Friberg to try and see Eagle Owls. We wish them the best of luck!

Vid tangenterna,