Fredag den 4 juli 2014

Carlos has ringed lanius collurio this morning; picture. Carlos

Personal: Teresa, Magnus (last day!!), Helena, Daniel, Carlos, Marianne, Antoine; Susan, Guest: August

Weather: we had a very shiny and sunny morning, and then clouds went back and covered the sky at 8am.

The rest of the day, sunshine in the sky!

Projects; Great Reed Warbler ; Farmland Birds ; Ringing program CES ; Marsh Harrier nests

Ringing session goes on in the reed with 59 birds which were caught:

-Willow warbler

-Garden warbler

-Sedge warbler

-Lesser whitethroat


-Icterine warbler

-Reed warbler

-Blue tit

-Great tit


-Thrush nightingale


-Red-backed shrike

We caught 14 different species and 24 birds were recaptured.


Magnus and Marianne tried to catch the Ortolan male in Ängfallet but this smart bird did not want to go in the nets…Maybe tomorrow! Today, a farmer also spread pesticides specifically on a Skylark nest. This is in agreement with Kvismare fågelstation for studying the direct effects of pesticides on chicks. It maybe seem to be harmful, but the farmer would anyway have spread pesticides on this nest later.


The GRW team (Teresa and August) had a very good day in Fagelsjon: They caught the male newly arrived and discovered yesterday. Actually, this male was born last year in the same area. This late arrival can be explained by the fact that he could have failed his reproduction in another area and now comes back to his native area. This is a very nice and interesting observation. They also caught a logger-female in this lake today!


On the afternoon, Daniel bravely went to Aslaholm, trying to detect a Marsh Harrier nest which is newly located. Unfortunately, maybe because of the weather (too hot?), the raptors were not enough active on the reed for locating accurately where this nest could be… Maybe this nest will be too difficult to find for ringing the chicks who will fledge soon.


Today, it was the last day of work for Magnus, our beloved warden!

Good good good good bye bye bye Magnus (said with the Orspa melody, of course). We will miss you a lot at the Kvismare fagelstation, you were our spiritual guide, you know ;-) ! We hope that you will enjoy a lot your new life in Huson!