Måndag den 26 maj 2014

Goodbye Adam and Pablo!


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Dennis

Weather; Mostly sunny and quite warm, but a little bit windy though

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland birds,


A long day out in the sun for the Great Reed Warbler team, which had a quite successful time. While Dennis could find 3 new nests in Åslasjön and Fågelsjön and also caught 2 female birds, Lena and Teresa found 4 nests in Rysjön and Nyängen and managed to trap 1 male. It seems that the GRWs mostly found their territories and partners and are now more or less stable, but we never know how it looks like tomorrow.

While there is a good progress in finding nests in the lakes, the farmland birds appear to be very tricky. Magnus, Nico and Torben spent the first half of the day at the fields around Hüson but unfortunately couldn’t find any Skylark or Yellowhammer nests. Meanwhile, the Skylarks at our preferred area around Ängfallet are facing a great challenge. The local farmer announced that he will mow the grass during the next days. Since we are not sure how the breeding Skylarks will respond to that, we are quite lucky that Magnus was able to negotiate with the farmer so that he will leave a patch of approximately 0,5ha at the nesting hotspot unmown. Also the farmer agreed on not cutting the grass at the Ortolan sites, so we hope there will be no problem for them. For this we have to thank the farmer a lot!

At noon Magnus gave Adam and Pablo a lift to Örebro so that they could catch their train back to Lund. It was very nice having them in the house with us and the barbecue they arranged yesterday in the evening was a very nice farewell dinner.

Later in the day Magnus Friberg showed up and suggested to try to ring the River Warbler that lives around Ormkärret. So he and Magnus Persson went there and didn’t need much time to succeed.

A great way to end the day!