Lördag den 24 maj 2014

Everything alright


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Dennis, Pablo, Adam

Weather; sunny and warm day, rain shower and a little thunderstorm in the afternoon

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds, Marsh Harriers



Another beautiful day in Kvismare is finding an ending, soon. The Great Reed Warblers are booming. The numbers in Fågelsjön and Åslasjön doubled within the last two days and there are quite a lot of females around. The pairing works at full blast and we found a new nest in both, Rysjön and Fågelsjön – or at least starting of nests. Probably there will be more within the next days. However, the farmland bird project did not provide new information. Nests turned out to be quite difficult to find and the skylarks still seem to incubate.
Pablo and Adam tried to match the marsh harriers to pairs and observed their hunting behavior.

Besides, Kvismaren was visited by a bird watchers club today. Magnus gave them a general Kvismaren-Bird-Tour in the morning and in the afternoon they fetched the only rainstorm of the day during a Great Reed Warbler-Tour with Dennis in Åslasjön. All in all a quite successful day.

Good night to everybody,