Torsdag den 22 maj 2014



Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Dennis, Adam, Pablo

Weather; SUMMER! Warm, sunny and some wind

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Starling Nestboxes,


While Nico and Magnus were recovering from their night-bird census which they conducted last night, two teams went to the lakes of the area to work on the Great Reed Warbler project. Lena and Dennis went to Rysjön and Nyängen to search for nests and tried to catch some females. They could find the beginning of one nest in the reed but were not successful with catching the birds.

Teresa and Torben went to Åslasjön and Fågelsjön to catch logger-males (birds equipped with light loggers) and were quite successful in Åslasjön. They caught a male with a logger and attached a new logger on its back. However, the bird at Fågelsjön was not as cooperative. But maybe we will catch it in the next days.

Adam and Pablo, two students from Lund University, joined us together with Dennis yesterday and will work on Marsh Harriers and try to identify the individual birds. They spent the whole day working on this task.


In the afternoon it was time again for ringing Starling chicks. Nico, Magnus and Torben continued the work of the last days and are very happy to announce that this project is finished now.


That’s it for today!

Let‘s hope the summer stays around…