Tisdag den 20 maj 2014

Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, and Nico .

Weather: Cloudet, dry, light breeze and fairly mild, about 20 degrees celcius.


Projects: Great reed warbler, Wetland survey and Starling/Yellowhammer




This morning Torben and Nico finished their wetland survey in Fiskingemaden, Värstamaden, and Fräknabotten,.... here are the results:



Snipe 2, lapwing 8, gadwall 8, black-headed gull 1, crane 3, grey heron 1, goldeneye 1, mallard 1, common tern 1.



snipe 8, lapwing 9, gadwall 8, black-headed gull, crane 6, greylag goose 7, goldeneye2 mallard 2



lapwing 52, mute swan 5, snipe 1, gadwall 3, crane 2, shoveler 2, greylag goose 7, mallard 4, garganey 2, common tern 13, black-headed gull 3; wigeon1, coot 1

The great reed warbler team proceeded with their hunt for new arrivals, not without succes. They found three new ones and now the total number of great reed warblers is 11 in the Kvismare area. It’s getting better every day now due to the fine weather. In the afternoon the team went looking for nests in Nyängen.


The ‘skylark team’ started with collecting bloodsampples of starlings en yellowhammers. The starlings breed in nestboxes so they are easy to find and catch…. with the yellowhammers it’s a bit more complicated. Unluckaly the yellowhammernest wich was found yesterday at the Sörön parking area was predated…. so no blood samples from that nest. Many good bloodsamples from the starlings though en the next two days will be a lot of ringing.




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