Måndag den 19 maj 2014

Gadwall nest (Photo by Magnus Persson)

Better late than never..


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus

Weather; foggy morning, cloudy rest of the day, rain in the afternoon

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Wetland Census, Crane Counting


This early morning we were caught off unaware by a dense blanket of fog which was very pleasing to look at, indeed (especially over the lakes) but did not support our wetland census plans at all. However, half of us braved the weather and stuck to the plan. 

Here are the results. The missing data will be handed in tomorrow.


Hammarbotten: Lapwings 20, Greylag Geese 17 (+16 chicks), Common Turns 3, Cranes 20, Black-headed Gull 1


Hammarmaden: Greylag Geese 158 (+143 chicks), Lapwings 12, Snipes 5, Goldeneyes 2, Black-headed Gulls 35


Killingemaden: Snipes 4, Lapwings 4, Greylag Geese 94 (+123 chicks), Canada Geese 7 (+9 chicks), Shoveler 1, Whooper Swans 5, Goldeneye 1, Black-headed Gulls 2, Common Turns 2, Teal 1, Mallard 1, Wigeon 1


Sörbysjön: Mallards 35, Widgeons 9, Common Turns 11, Wood Sandpipers 3, Lapwings 26, Coots 3, Redshanks 2, Spotted Redshank 1, Garganey 1, Black-headed Gulls 33, Greylag Geese 2


Teresa and Lena changed plans and started the day as usual: with lake visits to check the situation of the Great reed warblers instead. It seems like females are arriving slowly and in Nyängen we could confirm the first pair, which we expect to start nest building very soon.


Nico detected the fourth Yellowhammer-nest in Sörön and Magnus found a Gadwall-nest in the garden which is already under high security protection to protect it from any harm.


In the evening we tried to catch a Savi’s Warbler in Öbymaden, whileTeresa undertook the crane counting for this week in Hammarmaden. Cranes came by, Warblers did not. Maybe next time we are luckier.