Söndag den 18 maj 2014

Personel; Torben, Lena, Magnus, Teresa

Weather; Sun and warm during the morning. Cloudy in the afternoon.Some drops in the evening

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Ortolan Bunting; Yellowhammer; Skylark


Good news from the Ortolan project! We are glad to announce: one confirm pair at Ängfallet. We will keep you update on their success.


As for the Great Reed Warbler, one new male singing at Obymaden. Actually, it is the same male that was there last year, right at the same territory. Last year its nest was predated. Hope it has better luck this time.


As for the Yellowhammer, one of the nests near Ängfallet has been ringed and we took blood samples from the 2 chicks for the research on the effect of pesticides.


No news from the Skylark project. Next update, perhaps.


To be continued.