Torsdag den 15 maj 2014

Nice weather, nice birds



Weather; clouds in the morning, sun during the rest of the day

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Lapwing Census, Skylark/ Yellowhammer/ Ortolan


Still no rain and finally things are moving in the Great Reed Warbler (GRW) Project. I couldn’t think of better news. By now we found quite a few individuals and we are slowly steeping deeper into the who is who of the GRW-Clan. Especially due to their late arrival it is highly interesting to identify the birds, what might help to find out what is going on this year. We are constantly checking the proceedings in Rysjön, Fågelsjön, Åslasjön and also Slottsviken, where we caught a GRW today that was ringed in Rysjön as a pull in 2013. A very nice catch of the day, though.

Magnus and Nico spent the morning with counting lapwings in Västra rakan. That project has been running for decades already and serves to do a comparison between the lapwing abundance on agricultural fields and the wetland areas. Torben meanwhile, searched for skylark nests without remarkable results.

After that the team found a female ortolan with a logger near Ängfallet. Later in the breeding season they will make the effort to catch that bird. Also they almost found the nest of a yellowhammer this afternoon. Unfortunately it could not be located in the expected place but they will keep on searching.