Tisdag den 13 maj 2014


Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, Maja Tarka och Jacob Rover and Nico .

Väder: Cloudet but dry, light breeze  and about 8 degrees celcius.


Projects: Great reed warbler and Skylark/Yellowhammer


No rain this morning, which was a pleasant change of rutine! Magnus, Torben and Nico started the day with checking the area around the bird-observatory to look for nests of Yellowhammer. Yesterday they already noticed ‘suspiciouos behaviour’ of one couple and after an half hour intensive observation this morning, they managed to locate and find the nest. Three eggs, so in a few days they’ll check again to see if the female already started incubating. Now other areas will be checked in order to find more nests. In the afternoon a new possible ortolan male was found and a montagu’s harrier flew over….. not may signs of breeding or nestbuidling skylarks though.

The Great reed warbler team went out earlier this morning, divided in two groups. It seems that the GRW started arriving now for real. Two singel males were found singing and another (ondefined) individual was heard, a prommising devellopment. The afternoon was spend on working on data etc.

With weather conitions improving the next days, the projects will be lifting of and hopefully reach full speed next week…spring is back again!