Söndag den 11 maj 2014

Another day in grey


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, MPN, Maja, Jacob

Weather; rainy, windy, cold

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Skylark, Savi’s Warbler


Once again a grey and rainy day at Kvismaren. However, there are some very nice things to tell about. This morning Maja and Jacob were able to find a Great Reed Warbler close to Öby Kulle. Could that be the bird that disappeared some days ago? Anyway it is good to know that they may be coming soon.

Meanwhile we were also achieving progress in the Skylark project. Today we observed a pair (or better a female guarded by a male) of Skylarks building a nest close to Husön. Of course lots of them do that but it is very hard to find these nests, so it is very helpful to have a clue where the exact location is. It is also good to know at which stage of the breeding process the birds are right now. If they are all building their nests at this time we will have a good chance to find more of them during the next days.

In the early afternoon we met at Öby Kulle once again to have some coffee and cake, because today was the last day of the season we could go there. Since there was quite some coffee and cake left Lena and Magnus decided to do something good and at the same time proved some sense for business. They took coffee and cake and brought it to Löten platform where still lots of people were scanning the sky for the Pacific Swift that was seen here yesterday. It didn’t take too much time until this “fika” was sold out. By the way, as far as we know the Pacific Swift has not been seen again today.

Continuing our work Teresa took a big nest box that was fallen of a tree close to Hammarmaden and brought it to the station. Here we will put it up when the rain stops during the next days. Maybe we will have a Goldeneye or a Tawny Owl breeding here next year.

Speaking of Tawny Owls; this evening we gave it another try to catch the mother of the 4 chicks we ringed a few days ago. Unfortunately she was not at home. But we will we back to try it once more. After that Magnus, Teresa and Lena went on to catch the Savi’s Warbler that was heard at Värstamaden to equip it with a colour ring. In contrast to the Tawny Owl, the Warbler was cooperative and could be trapped in the net. Interestingly it was a retrap from last year which are very good news.

What a great way to end this day!