Måndag den 5 maj 2014

Ortolan (Photo by Torben Langer)

And still there are no Great Reed Warblers...


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, MPN

Weather; cold and mostly sunny

Projects; Great Reed Warblers, Ortolan Bunting, Farmland Survey, Ringing


First of all, the missing Wetland Survey data from the weekend:


Fiskingemaden: Lapwings 17, Mallards 9, Shoveler 3, Wood Sandpiper 11, Black-headed Gulls 114, Common Turns 3, Teals 18, Mute Swans 2, Gadwalls 13, Greylag Geese 14 (1 pair with chicks), Snipes 7, Greenshanks 2, Cranes 44

Värstamaden: Greylag Geese 9, Teals 13, Lapwings 7, Snipes 3, Black-headed Gull 1, Greenshanks 4, Wood Sandpipers 2, Cranes 4, Gadwall 1, Mallards 3, Goldeneyes 2, Mute Swan 1

Hammarmaden: Greylag Geese 401 (103 pairs with chicks), Lapwings 10, Garganey 1, Teals 60, Gadwalls 4, Wigeons 26, Goldeneyes 4, Ruffs 2, Greater White-fronted Geese: 65, Common Turn 1, Grey Heron 1

Hammarbotten: Lapwings 5, Greylag Geese 87, Shovelers 17, Teals 225, Mallards 4, Wood Sandpipers 16, Greenshanks 3, Whooper Swans 2, Gadwalls 6, Garganeys 2, Wigeons 2, Black-headed Gull 1, Cranes 65, Coot 1, Little Ringed Plovers 2

Sörbysjön: Cranes 151, Black-headed Gulls 31, Lapwings 39, Greylag Geese 19, Wood Sandpipers 175, Greenshanks 4, Ruffs 8

Killingemaden: Teals 4, Wigeons 2, Greylag Geese 65, Little Ringed Plover 1, Mallard 1, Lapwings 6, Wood Sandpipers 30, Ruff 1,


Second: Our today’s activities

In the morning –a morning with frozen dandelion standing in the ice cold grass- we all went out to catch the color ringed Ortolan Bunting in the small woodland right in Ängfallet. After a couple of minutes we were successful and picked the male out of the net. It was a retrap from last year. After that we split in two teams again. Teresa and I frisked Åslasjön and Fågelsjön for Great Reed Warblers this time but curiously they are not there. Maybe they just doesn’t exist.

Team number 2, consisting of Magnus, Nico and Torben, went out to find yellowhammers and skylarks in the area of ecological agriculture around Ängfallet. They found quite a lot possible skylark pairs and also some yellowhammer pairs. Tomorrow they will continue their search in the conventional managed fields.

Despite all doubts, Teresa and I will continue our search for Great Reed Warblers tomorrow.

This evening will end up in Hammarmaden, eating spaghetti and watching Magnus Friberg counting cranes.

Maybe we will have some hot tea.

See you tomorrow