Torsdag den 1 maj 2014

Keepin’ the flow…


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; cold and more or less windy throughout the day

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests, Starling nest boxes, searching for Great Reed Warblers


As you all know, observing Marsh Harriers has already become something like our morning-tradition. However, today we were more interested in recognizing the males individually than in identifying nesting positions. Second level of difficulty at the minimum but a little bit against our expectations, spotting morphological differences turned out to be quite exciting.  However, the success of our efforts remains to be seen. Probably we will be only able in distinguishing males of different ages but we will keep on trying.

For the remaining projects we split into two teams. Torben and Nico dealt with the starling nestboxes and checked them for the number of eggs and if they are inhabited respectively. After processing impressively 100 boxes they were kept from finishing by a missing pen and turned back home freezing and hungry.

Meanwhile Teresa and I went out to search for Great Reed Warblers but we couldn’t hear any, neither in Västra Kvismaren nor in Östra Kvismaren.

Maybe tomorrow…

or the day after..

We will be prepared




P.S. Happy May Day