Onsdag den 11 september 2013

1cy male Brambling. Photo; MKS

We awoke at 5am to find it raining heavily so the ringing was postponed for a short while until we were confident that the bad weather had passed. By 6 the skies were clear and it was business as usual. The first net round was busy but after that it was just a few birds during each check.

Personnel; MKS, TMJ, EKA, JCN, 2x ’Crane Girls’

Weather; Rain early morning but clearing soon and bright and sunny for the rest of the day.

Projects; Standardised CES Ringing (Vallen, Fågelsjön)

Ringing totals; Nets 06:45 – 11:00

Chiffchaff 1
Reed Warbler 29
Sedge Warbler 19
Willow Warbler 6
Lesser Whitethroat 2
Reed Bunting 12
Bluethroat 4
Brambling 3
Bearded Tit 3
Garden Warbler 3
Yellowhammer 1
Great Tit 2

TOTAL = 85 (+ 12 Controls)

The Brambling were the first caught so far this season. They were all 1cy birds and were 2 females and a male. Bluethroats are always welcome and 4 doubles our previous daily high of the season – again all 1cy birds, 3 males and a female.