Tisdag den 10 september 2013

Personnel; MKS, TMJ, EKA, 2x ’Crane Girls’

Weather; Moderate ENE wind becoming light this evening

As the forecast suggested it was pretty windy this morning – too windy for any of the standard ringing sites. Still, we got up at the usual time and headed to Oby Kulle, our ‘plan B’ for windy days. Unfortunately, the wind was in the wrong direction and came right through a small gap in the trees. Our usually nice and calm little ringing area was windy!

So, back home we went and spent the rest of the day birding and catching up with general observatory work. We saw a Greylag Goose with a green neck-collar and reported the unique code (on www.geese.org) to find out that it had originally been ringed in the Netherlands in 2012 and has been seen in the Örebro area several times in the last couple of weeks.

As we didn’t do much today I shall take the opportunity to introduce the mysterious ‘Crane Girls’ that get a daily mention amongst the other personnel. They are Camille (from France) and Caroline (from Sweden) and are two students studying the Cranes in the area. They spend their days driving around the surrounding fields, specifically looking at the bird’s movements in the area and their impact on the local farmers and their crops.

Maybe we will catch some birds tomorrow…