Torsdag den 25 september 2014

Weather: Cold and cloudy with some rain early in the morning.

Project: CES ringing at Ässon.

Staff: Bruno and Mike

Yesterday we went to Ässen but once there it started to rain. For the safety of the birds we decided not to ring and to go back to the birding station. So we had time to work on data, to do some house chores and bring in all of the canoes.

This morning we tried again in Ässon. There was some rain but this time we gave it a try. All by all a very slow day with low numbers.


Blue tit 5 (3)

Reed warbler 2

Robin 5 (1)

Chiffchaff 3

Great tit 2 (3)

Dunnock 2

Goldcrest 6

Coal Tit 1

Blackbird 1