Lördag den 20 september 2014

Sparrowhawk, photo by Bruno.
Sparrowhawk close up, photo by Bruno.

Staff: Bruno and Mike

Weather: Foggy again during the whole session.

Project: CES ringing session at Vallen.


And here’s is the weekend with some very nice captures. Today’s highlights lots of Bearded Tit’s, a Red Wing, a Grasshopper Warbler, Bluethroats and Yellowhammers, Marsh Tits, a Red Backed Shrike … and finally our Sparrowhawk. Several times we saw them go into the nets but they always escaped, today we were lucky. Cold weather is coming our way so next week could hold some surprises?!


Sedge warbler 1 (1)

Reed warbler 5 (3)

Robin 5 (2)

Blue tit 2 (9)

Willow Warbler 1

Reed Bunting 28 (5)

Blackcap 4

Yellowhammer 6

Red Wing 1

Chiffchaff 8

Dunnock 2

Wren 1

Grasshopper Warbler 1

Bluethroat 3

Bearded Tit 13 (13)

Chaffinch 1

Sparrowhawk 1

1 recap of Red Backed Shrike, 2 Great Tits and 2 Marsh Tits.

So, 83 newly ringed, 38 recaptured.