Fredag den 22 augusti 2014

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Ashwin, Annemarie and Helena.

Project: CES ringing at Banvallen.

Weather: Cloudy in the early morning, but turned sunny and warm later.

A low day with few captures (34 birds) at Banvallen today. An adult White-tailed sea eagle captivated us while creating chaos among the waterfowl. An adult Red-backed shrike, a very beautiful bird, was the most interesting one that was ringed today. 

Today´s captures:


Sedge warbler 4

Reed warbler 6

Robin 2 (1)

Marsh warbler 1

Reed bunting 2

Icterine warbler 1

Willow warbler 5 (2)

Red-backed shrike 2 (1)

Blue tit 1 (3)

Blackcap (1)

Garden Warbler (2)