Tisdag den 12 augusti 2014

Dunlin. Photo by Carlos Mompó
Kvismare Kanal. Photo by Carlos Mompó

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Annemarie, Kieran, Helena

Weather: Sunny, light wind, around 20 degrees celsius.

CES-ringing: Today was a quiet session at Ässön. We caught 51 birds of 10 species, 3 of which were recaptures. It seems that migration has not started yet. The birds which were caught are:


European Robin: 1 new, 1 retrap

Reed Warbler: 15 new 

Sedge Warbler: 9 new + 1 retrap

Marsh Warbler: 1 new

Willow Warbler: 13 new

Blackcap: 2 new

Garden Warbler: 2 new

Great Tit: 1 new

Blue Tit: 1 new

Reed Bunting: 6 new, 1 retrap


In the afternoon, we went to another wader ringing on Löten together with Magnus Friberg. A juvenile Dunlin was caught in this session.

 “Salut i força al canut”