Fredag den 8 augusti 2014

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Helena, Kieran and Annemarie.


Weather: A nice morning with no wind, warm and sunny.


Project: Ringing program CES.


It was a quite morning at Banvallen with just 63 birds. The captures have been decreasing at this station in the last days maybe because the birds that breed here started their migration and the northern ones haven´t arrived yet. We hope next visits will be busier.


The summary:


Sedge warbler 18+(2)

Reed warbler 11+(1)

Willow warbler 5+(1)

Marsh warbler 1

Icterine warbler 1

Robin 1+(1)

Common whitethroat 3+(1)

Blue tit 2+(1)

Reed bunting 1

Thrush nightingale 1

Garden warbler 6+(3)

Song thrush 1

Redwing (1)

Blackcap (1)


Until Tomorrow!


Bruno Sanchis