Tisdag den 5 augusti 2014

Icterine warbler. Photo by Carlos Mompo.

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Kieran and Helena.


Project: Ringing CES at Banvallen.


Weather: Crazy weather. Early morning misty and very warm, later sunny with high temperature around 25 degrees and a slight rain in the latest hour.


It´s been a relatively quite morning at Banvallen. We´ve ringed 80 new individuals and 20 retraps of 15 different species. The summary of the captures is:


22 Sedge warbler

19 Reed warbler

2   Marsh warbler

4   Robin

16 Willow warbler

2  Icterine warbler

6  Blackcap

7  Common whitethroat

1  Reed bunting

13 Garden warbler

2  Red-backed shrike

3  Thrush nightingale

1  Lesser whitethroat

1  Blue tit

1  Marsh tit


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